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A Brief History of Night People

May 21, 2008. Seven Second Delay holds their first ever “Speed Auditions” show.  Dave calls in an proposes an Art Bell type show for the 2-6 AM slot. Ken decides that this is the only worthwhile idea out of all of the audition received.

June 18, 2008. Ken decides to give Dave’s idea a shot on a Seven Second Delay off week.  Dave comes in and drags along a friend, Andy.  Their topic?  ESP.  The episode garners one comment on the comments board, “The truth is out there…” from em2.

June 18, 2008. The Night People Playlist Page is created, as the fellas come back for the second fill in, this time for Bronwyn and Kelly’s one hour friday night slot.  After a few more fill-ins….

August 29, 2008. Night People becomes a regular show on the WFMU schedule, replacing (Stan, maybe?) who til that point had two 2-6 AM shows on the schedule.  Night People began Thrusday Night / Friday mornings from 2-6 AM.

October 6, 2008. WFMU changes from their summer schedule to the fall schedule and Night People moves to Wednesday Night / Thursday mornings (Later referred to as Thuednesday) from 2-6 AM (later referred to as Duwan)

June 10, 2010. Night People host their final 2-6 AM show, as the station undergoes a massive overhaul of their schedule.

June 17, 2010. Dave and Sandy begin hosting Night People at their new,  manageable time of Midnight-3 AM Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning.

September 30, 2010. Dave announces his band has taken an opportunity to go on a world tour, and the show goes on its first, and so far, only hiatus.  Various three and one hour fill ins occur over the next eight months, until…

June 16, 2011. Night People returns in a new one-hour format on Thursdays from 7-8 PM.  Dave now skypes into the show from his new mid-west home.

June 18, 2013.  The fifth anniversary of Night People!

(Did I miss a few things? Oh yes.  Most definitely.  I figure this timeline can be updated, but I tried not to make it too personal (Sandy and Dave’s kids, Dave’s marriage.))

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WFMU is having a silent fundraiser throughout the month of October! Please toss a couple of bucks WFMU’s way so that great shows like Night People can continue!

If you pledge online using the link below, there is a form where you can select which show you’re pledging to.  Please select Night People under the Thursday column to let the staff know that the show is loved!  Thank you!

Dave: You read the family circle? Family Circus or Family Circle?
Sandy: Circus.
Dave: Circus… circus. He uses the Roman, the Latin, right? For circle? Bil Keane.
Sandy: Family Circus…
Dave: You know, he speaks latin.
Sandy: Oh, does he?
Dave: Yeah. Have you seen the early versions of Family Circus? They’re in latin.
Sandy: They’re all in latin.
Dave: Et, tu…
Dave and Sandy: Billy?


Dave: That’s much more respectable than what any of us do.
Caller: I… beg to differ.
Dave: Me, too. Flattery will get you nowhere. Wait, is it ‘flattery gets you everywhere, or flattery gets you nowhere?’
Sandy: Ah, you can say either.
Dave: Depends on —
Guest: Depends on who’s listening.
Caller: Depends on if you have a huge dick or not.
Sandy: Right.
Caller: Can I say that on the air?
Dave and Guest: Yeah.
Sandy: Yeah.
Dave: Yeah.
Sandy: Go ahead. Dick it up.
Dave: Yeah, man. Get you dick on. Get your dick on on WFMU. Are we a disgrace to this station, or a badge of honor?


Sandy: I love Ashley. I have a crush on Ashley.
Dave: Oh! Jeez! That’s your first on air crush! I can’t believe you just said that!
Sandy: She has a boyfriend, though, and I’m married.
Dave: But you have a warm pee-she waiting for you at home!


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